Complete system for odor reduction

An advanced version of the vent pipe biofilter is the complete Bioteg Ventilation Shaft with integrated Biofilter Cartridge. A stainless steel vent shaft is delivered with a flange connection or mounting base for locations without existing vent pipes in combination with a REBF-style biofilter cartridge.

The biofilters of the EKBF-Series consist of a stainless steel vent pipe with an integrated, separately removable and refillable, biofilter cartridge. They have been designed as complete systems for odor reduction from underground structures such as wet wells, siphons, junction structures, etc.

A stable stainless steel base plate anchors the system to the ground and a transition piece is inserted into the vent opening or pipe sleeve. Depending on the environmental conditions, the biofilter material may last up to 7 years. After this time the filter material in the biofilter cartridge can be easily replaced. The used biofilter material is non-hazardous and can be readily composted.

1. Stainless steel ventilation shaft   2. Removable, refillable biofilter cartridge  (HDPE)  3. Biofilter material   4. Supporting ring with gasket   5. Removable cover   6. Base plate   7. Transition to pipe sleeve or vent opening   8. Predrilled holes for mounting
Bioteg Ventilation Shaft Biofilter - Series EKBF

Technical Data and Dimensions

TypeAirflow [cfm]Weight [lbs]DN 1 / DN 2 [in]H1 [in]
EKBF-300/1.2413012" / 6"47"
EKBF-300/1.76.516012" / 6"67"
EKBF-400/1.2817516" / 8"47"
EKBF-400/1.71221516" / 8"67"