Reduce Odors from Vent Pipes

The Bioteg Vent Pipe Biofilters are designed to eliminate odors from vent pipes, e.g. at underground structures such as pump stations, lift stations, siphons, junction structures, or rooftops, where space for a larger biofilter is limited. Bioteg has developed the Bioteg Vent Pipe Biofilter for a standard range of pipe sizes from 4’’ to 20’’ for high efficiency, low volume (2-10cfm) H2S removal.

The filters are made from corrosion-resistant HDPE and feature a stainless steel grated top to release the clean air and keep debris out. Typically, each vent pipe biofilter is delivered with a removable stainless steel rain cap. The insertion depth of the vent pipe biofilter is 40’’ to maximize the biofilter material volume and treatable airflow.

The Bioteg Vent Pipe Biofilter is easily installed without tools, simply by inserting the filter into the vent pipe and suspending it on its HDPE supporting ring with gasket. As odorous air is released through the Vent Pipe Biofilter, odor degrading microorganisms will remove H2S and other organic odors before they can reach the open air.

The low pressure-drop through Bioteg’s Vent Pipe Biofilter allows the vent pipe to naturally “breathe” as pressures in the system change from positive to negative throughout the day. The build-up of H2S in the system is prevented and atmospheric odors are minimized.

1. Filter body   2. Filter material    3. Support ring with gasket    4. Removable cover
Bioteg Vent Pipe Biofilter - Series REBF

Technical Data and Dimensions