Elimination of Odors from Sewer Collection Systems

The Bioteg Manhole Biofilter is a specially designed manhole insert to biologically remove odors and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from sewer manholes.

Each Bioteg Manhole Biofilter is custom-made for the customer’s manhole dimensions to guarantee a perfect fit into the manhole and prevent any odor off-gassing through unsealed cracks.

Odorous air from the sewer manhole will rise through the Manhole Biofilter where odor degrading microorganisms will remove H2S and other organic odors before they can reach the open air.

Bioteg Manhole Biofilter

The low pressure-drop through Bioteg’s Manhole Biofilter allows the manhole to naturally “breathe” as pressures in the sewer system change from positive to negative throughout the day. The build-up of H2S, which is common when sewer manholes are sealed, is prevented and street-level odors are minimized.

Highest Quality of Construction

The material quality of Bioteg’s Manhole Biofilter exceeds that of any other manhole insert on the market. A full stainless steel supporting ring provides a durable suspension of the manhole insert into the sewer.

The Manhole Biofilter is installed easily by placing the unit into the manhole and resting the supporting ring on the manhole frame rim underneath the manhole cover. A flexible rubber gasket seals all gaps around the manhole frame and stainless steel brackets hold the sturdy HDPE biofilter container with Bioteg’s organic media.

A drain pipe runs through the middle of the biofilter to divert any run-off or debris from the street into the sewer and prevent contamination of the media. The drain pipe is equipped with an odor flap to prevent the escape of odorous gases from the sewer.

Two handles allow for easy placement and removal of the unit for sewer system access.

  • High efficiency
  • Small pressure drop < 100 Pa
  • Fast installation within seconds, without tools (stainless steel GullyQUICK Hanger System)
  • Very low investment costs
  • Trouble free operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Weight at point of delivery: appr. 40 lbs
  • Loading capacity of hanger system: appr. 300 lbs
  • Easy and inexpensive replacement of filter material
  • Used filter material can be readily composted
  • No hazardous byproducts