Reduce Sewage Odors emitted from Force Main Air Release Valves

The Bioteg Force Main Biofilter is a specially designed biofilter to reduce H2S and sewer odor from force main air release valves and vent shafts. Its larger body allows for the treatment of larger amounts of air, as is commonly released during opening cycles of force main air release valves. The Force Main Biofilter is easily mounted to the existing vent opening with a flange connection. Depending on wind loads and seismic requirements in the area the filter may need additional support.

More effective than Carbon Filters

One challenge of treating odors from force main air release valves is that air is released intermittently, often at high volumes with high velocities and high H2S levels. These sudden bursts of high sulfide loads would lead to a quick overload of carbon filters.

A biofilter on the other hand is a lot more forgiving and will recover quickly after such loads. It is important, however, to maintain a proper moisture level in the biofilter media during times of no airflow. For this reason, Bioteg has designed the Bioteg Force Main Biofilter with a water reservoir at the bottom that can be filled manually to help maintain moisture levels through evaporation in the biofilter unit.

1. Filter body   2. Removable cover   3. Filter material   4. Fan cover   5. Vent stack   6. Fan with housing   7. Flange ring for mounting on vent pipe
Force Main Biofilter - Series DEBF

Technical Data and Dimensions

TypeAirflow [cfm]Weight [lbs]D [in]H1 [in]H2**. [in]