For Waste Water Treatment Plants, Landfills, Composting Facilities, Food Industry, Chemical Industry etc.

All Bioteg MCBF Biofilter containers are double walled. The outer walls are made from steel, while the inner walls, which are in contact with the contaminated air stream, are made from high-density polyethylene. The inner containers hold the biofilter material and are equipped with baffles that avoid wall channelling effects.

All Bioteg MCBF Biofilters come pre-filled with our proprietary Bioteg bps BT-100 Biofilter Material, which is based on specially prepared pine root fibres. This media shows a very low back pressure and enhanced long-time stability, resulting in low energy costs over time.

The material is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and will last anywhere from 3 to 7 years. There is no need for an additional nutrient feed system. Used material can be readily composted as any other organic plant material.

All Bioteg MCBF Biofilters are equipped with an accessible technical container, which harbors the air humidifier, the fan with VFD, a heater, irrigation controls and all internal ducting and tubing. The technical container not only protects the mechanical parts from the elements, but it also acts as a sound enclosure for the fan, which maybe important if the biofilter is installed in a residential neighborhood.

The waste air is humidified and conditioned in the air scrubber before it enters the biofilter media bed through the air distributor. Water in the humidifier is re-circulated by a circulation pump. Electronic level sensors guarantee that any lost water is automatically refilled. Total back-pressure of the complete plant (scrubber AND biofilter) will not exceed 1,000 Pa.

Bioteg has over 25 years of experience with this specific biofilter design.

1. Container with filter material  2. Technical room  3. Door to technical room  4. Wall  5. Waste air pipe  6. Fresh water pipe  7. Drain pipe  8. Power line  9. Control panel  10. Stainless steel roof of technical room  11. Customer´s slab
Modular Container Biofilter - Series MCBF
Modular Container Biofilter - Series MCBF side view