For Waste Water Treatment Plants, Landfills, Composting Facilities, Food Industry, Chemical Industry etc.

Our Modular Container Biofilter Systems consist of one to four double walled filtercontainers to treat airflow rates in a range of 300 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h. The outer wall is made of steel with a treated and painted outer surface. The inner surfaces are coated with 4 mm heavy-duty polyethylene. For higher air flow rates we offer special tanks as biofilter containers. The plants of the series MCBF are of a rugged design and for an automatic operation mainly free of maintenance.

Typical applications: waste water treatment plants (WWTP), landfills, composting facilities, food industry, chemical industry etc.

Figure: MCBF-1000: suitable for 1000m3/h waste air and two stage operation. MCBF plants are delivered ready to use (turn-key) to the customer and are tested 24h non-stop before. This guarantees a proper function.

1. Container with filter material  2. Technical room  3. Door to technical room  4. Wall  5. Waste air pipe  6. Fresh water pipe  7. Drain pipe  8. Power line  9. Electric case  10. Stainless steel roof of technical room  11. Customer´s baseplate
Modular Container Biofilter - Series MCBF
Modular Container Biofilter - Series MCBF side view