Cover and Scrub – The Drop-In Biofilter sits right on top of a basin cover

The Drop-In Biofilter Series is similar to the self-contained SRBF Biofilters, except for the air intake. While the SRBF units receive the air through a waste air pipe that is connected to the air inlet flange, the Drop-In Biofilters are designed to sit directly on the odor source (a larger vent opening or large flange in a cover) and receive the waste air through a perforated bottom.

Just as the SRBF-Biofilters, the EBF Biofilters can be used as passive or active units, where the active units are equipped with a detachable cover, a fan, a timer controlled, automatic irrigation system and a control panel. All filters are manufactured from corrosion resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are pre-filled with Bioteg’s proprietary blend of bps BT-50/BT-100 Biofilter Material. A Drop-In Biofilter can be installed and started up in one day.

Optimized For Use In Wastewater Treatment Plants & Sewerage Systems

The biofilters of the EBF-Series have been specially designed and optimized for use in wastewater treatment plants and sewerage systems. They have proven their worth for a long time. The Drop-In Biofilter is mainly used as an inexpensive passive biofilter (displacement method) and is readily upgradable to an active biofilter at any time by the addition of a cover and a fan. A controlled surface irrigation system is optional.

A prerequisite for installation is a supporting ring in the cover, with a diameter D1 and the capability of supporting the given weight. Depending on the environmental conditions, the biofilter material may last up to seven years, and replacing the media is an easy and inexpensive process. The used biofilter material can be readily composted.

1. Filter body  2. Removable cover  3. Filter material  4. Supporting ring with gasket  5. Fan cover  6. Fan with housing  7. Irrigation
Drop-in Biofilter - Series EBF

Technical Data and Dimensions

TypeWeight* [lbs]Flow [cfm]Dia. 1 / 2 [in]H 1 / 2 [in]
EBF-122201223" / 27"28" / 7"
EBF-182651831" / 35"35" / 8"
EBF-304853031" / 35"39" / 8"
EBF-456604539" / 43"43" / 9"
EBF-609006047" / 53"51" / 9"
EBF-901,3009047" / 53"51" / 9"
EBF-1202,00012055" / 61"59" / 10"
EBF-1803,05018059" / 65"71" / 10"
EBF-2403,80024067" / 72"71" / 11"