Turn-Key Odor Control Systems

The Stand-Alone Biofilter Series are self-contained biofilter units that are easily installed for immediate odor control. All filters are manufactured from corrosion resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are pre-filled with Bioteg’s proprietary blend of bps BT-50/BT-100 Biofilter Material. They are easily connected to the local waste air source via the provided flange connection.

All active Stand-Alone Biofilters are equipped with a detachable cover, a fan, a timer-controlled, automatic irrigation system, and a control panel. The control panel is mounted to the side of the filter, unless otherwise specified, and the irrigation system and fan are pre-wired for easy on-site installation.

The installation contractor has to bring 120V power to the control panel, run a freshwater line to the irrigation connection, provide a drain line for the condensate overflow and the waste air connection to the provided flange. A Stand-Alone Biofilter can be installed and started up in one day.

Solve a variety of odor problems

The Bioteg Circular Stand-Alone Biofilter with its compact design and long service life can be applied to solve a variety of different odor problems. Among our customers for the SRBF-Series are waste water treatment plants (WWTP), sewer pump and lift stations, landfills, sewage storage systems as well as the food and chemical industry. They are designed to treat airstreams from 10-300cfm. To adapt to higher airstreams (of up to 1,200cfm) our Circular Stand-Alone Biofilters can be run in a two to four filter network.

Bioteg SRBF biofilters can be used as inexpensive passive biofilters and are readily upgradable to active biofilters at any time by the addition of a cover and a fan. A controlled surface irrigation system is optional.

Depending on the environmental conditions, the biofilter material may last up to 7 years. The replacement of the filter material is an easy and inexpensive process. The used biofilter material can be readily composted.

1. Filter body  2. Removable cover  3. Filter material  4. Waste air pipe  5. Siphon drainage and condensate overflow  6. Air distributor and condensate separator  7. Fan cover  8. Fan with housing  9. Irrigation
Circular Stand-Alone Biofilter - Series SRBF

Technical Data and Dimensions

TypeWeight* [lbs]Flow [cfm]Dia. [in]H1 [in]H2 [in]