Bioteg Biofilters are designed to stop odor complaints now!

Bioteg Biofilter Small Passive Biofilters

Small Passive Biofilters

Our small biofilters are designed as passive biofilters (without a fan and need for electricity or water) to treat small waste air streams contaminated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other organic odors from sewer manholes, vent pipes and force main air release valves.

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Bioteg Compact Biofilters

Compact Biofilters

Our compact biofilters are turn-key, circular stand-alone units for airflow rates of 50-300cfm. They are designed for medium sized applications such as pump and lift stations or other smaller areas that need ventilation.
Our compact biofilters can be operated as passive or as active biofilters with a fan and irrigation system.

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Bioteg Modular Biofilter Systems

Modular Biofilter Systems

Our modular container biofilter systems are fully self-contained biofiltration systems, designed to treat large waste air streams from 300-10,000cfm for various applications of biologically degradable odors. The filters come pre-assembled and ready to use for a simple and quick on-site installation.

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Ever since its establishment in 1990 Bioteg has been working with wastewater treatment engineers and technicians to develop a range of odor control products adapted to the needs of the wastewater industry.

Today we proudly offer a variety of easy to install, low maintenance passive biofilters for H2S and odor hot spot treatment at manholes, vent pipes and force main air release valves. For larger odor control needs at lift stations, pump stations, wastewater treatment plant headworks or biosolids handling, or other municipal and industrial applications, we’ve designed our series of compact and modular biofilters that are easily installed and require very little maintenance.

Bioteg Biofilter Quality

All our Bioteg biofilters conform to the German Engineering Standard for biofilters (VDI 3477) and have the following elements and properties in common.

Biofiltration high efficiency

All biofilters are designed to achieve a minimum 95% hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and odor removal efficiency.

Biofiltration consumes a minimal amount of water and electricity,

All biofilters have an extremely low pressure-drop, operating with no or very low power requirements.

Biofiltration low maintenance cost

All biofilters and biofilter systems require a minimal amount of maintenance. 

Chemical corrosion and UV resistant Polyethylenes

All surfaces in contact with the contaminating media are chemical-, corrosion- and UV-resistant high-density polyethylenes (HDPE), polypropylenes (PP), PVCs, or stainless steel.

Biofiltration long life span

Depending on the environmental conditions and use, the biofilter material may last up to 7 years.

Biofilter nontoxic biodegradeable product

 The biofilter material is an organic, nontoxic, and biodegradable product that can be readily composted after use.

Biofiltration Low Cost

The replacement of the non-hazardous biofilter material is an easy and inexpensive process.

Common Applications For Odor Control Biofilters Include:

Sewer manhole odor control, septic vent pipe odor control, odor control for force main air release valves, lift stations and pump stations, odor control for wastewater treatment plants, septage receiving areas, composting facilities, and organic industrial odors. Please look through our product overview and contact us for further information.